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Find out your strengths & weaknesses. Then we'll help you become a stronger candidate and even connect you with hiring managers at top companies face to face. Join students from over 180 colleges nationwide and get a leg up on your job search.

We're all about bringing top college talent and the best companies together face to face. If that's you then what are you waiting for? GET STARTED!

Join students from more than 180 colleges nationwide and counting. Connect with hiring managers at top companies. GET STARTED!

Great Fit

Our goal isn't to just get you a job or fill positions. We want to connect the right candidates with the best employers for them. We do this based on an in depth inventory of jobseeker interests & experiences along with an in-depth map of employment opportunities by culture and skills needed to excel.


Our platform operates on the idea that there's no better time to explore your future than now. Whether you're in a dorm, on a train or in the dining hall at your college you'll be able to access Ecruit student job and internship resources. On your cell phone, tablet or laptop, we're always here to help.


Searching for a job is one of the toughest obstacles anyone faces. During the process, you learn about industries, companies and job functions. Why start from scratch, see what resources other jobseekers have found helpful and use them to get your offer!

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Find out what's keeping you from being hired and fix it. Our employers give us detailed instructions on what type of candidates they prefer. We can help you get closer to being that candidate. We'll share the best resources for learning how to excel on the job and get you into hiring shape!

Don't limit yourself to the internships available on your campus!

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I wish this had existed when I was in college, this would have made my job search so much easier.

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This could be the future of campus recruiting.

Head of Talent Acquisition at a Fortune 100 Company

We're serious about helping employers and jobseekers find the right fit

Always free for students

If you are a student, you will never have to pay to be connected with an employer to explore an internship, a full time job or any kind of employment opportunity. Ecruit exists to make sure that talented college students and graduates always have access to employment opportunities and information that can help them become better candidates. Remember, we're here to help so if you have any ideas as to how to make the site better or you see a bug, report it and we'll be back to you in 24 hours!

We're reliable!

We want both employers and jobseekers to see eachother in the best possible light and we never will let our site get in the way of that. If you experience any down time, a glitch in a live stream or have a sub par experience then reach out to us. If you just want to chat about your experiences, you need help or you want to tell us how awesome we are, we're happy to hear from you any time!

Amazing community

We're working to build the most helpful, engaged community of jobseekers and employers. This is about everyone working together to build a stronger workforce and it starts with helping each other out. Try to share your best resources and be helpful!

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